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spinning and floating

Spinning And Floating Choosing the ideal fishing rod is mostly dependent on a variety of aspects because they come in all different sizes and styles. Which species are you going to fish for? Which techniques are you going to use? To what extent are you planning to cast? There is a rod on the market that can accommodate nearly all of your fishing needs.

The rise in specialized fishing techniques in recent years has forced rods to improve. The list of techniques is virtually limitless and includes pellet waggler fishing, bomb fishing, and method feeder fishing. While it is feasible to use a feeder rod for float fishing, it is far more efficient and pleasurable to use a rod designed specifically for the task at hand.

Similarly, a 9-foot light feeder rod will be of no use if you need to throw a technique feeder over 70 meters, but it will perform exceptionally well in swims that are no wider than 20 meters.

Top fishing rods quickly summarized:

Top fishing rods quickly summarized

Preston Innovations Distance Master 4.0m 100g rod is the best all-around distance feeder rod.o.

The Shimano Aero X5 13-foot float rod is the best multifaceted float rod.

The Daiwa Matchman Method Feeder rod is the best short commercial feeder rod when measured by weight.

Guru N-Gauge Specimen Twin Tip Duo is the best multipurpose specimen rod in the mid-range.

We will examine some of the top fishing rods for various applications in this guide, including feeder fishing, float fishing, carp fishing, lure fishing, and spinning. We will also offer advice on what to consider when purchasing a fishing rod for the first time.


A real commitment to fishing? You will discover a great deal of information via trial and error during the journey. It’s an amazing experience that will be even more enjoyable if you purchase the appropriate equipment. Fishing rods should be diverse for different settings and target species. 

Therefore, upgrading may be necessary to hook additional fish, even if you’ve had some luck with your present setup.

When it comes to rods, the selection is overwhelmingly wide. To help you select the fishing rod that best suits your needs, we’ve devoted this post to discussing the various types. When it comes to fishing, equipment can make the difference between a miserable and productive day.

1. Preston Innovations Distance Master 4.0m 100g rod

Preston Innovations Distance Master 4.0m 100g rod

Preston’s outstanding feeder rod for long-range casting seamlessly blends casting ability with fish-playing movement. The Preston Innovations Distance Master is made of three pieces and features enlarged guides to reduce resistance during casting and fit shock leader knots. Although it works well with Method and Hybrid feeders, the potent blank can also be used with any kind of long-range strategy. Additionally, three graded carbon quiver tips (2 oz, 3 oz, and 4 oz) are included.

2. Daiwa Prorex X Spinning rod 3-20g

Daiwa Prorex X Spinning rod 3-20g

When employing light-weight lure tactics to target perch, zander, and small pike, you need a rod that not only has an extremely fast tip section that responds instantly to nail those lightning-fast hits. In addition, it must be lightweight enough to fish all day without tiring out your wrists and provide tactical precision. With just 110g of weight, Daiwa’s 7ft 9inch Prorex X Spinning is a pleasure to use and offers all of the aforementioned tactical advantages in spades.

3. Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods 6ft 3lb to 10ft 3.5lb

Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods 6ft 3lb to 10ft 3.5lb

Sonik’s wildly popular tiny Xtractor rods come in five variants and two specially designed Spod types, offering a plethora of tactical options. With features like large ID 40mm to 12mm lightweight M-Series DL black guides, a hard-wearing anti-frap tip guide, all-black 17mm DPS reel seats, and slim Japanese shrink rubber handles furnished on a super carpy silk matt black blank, these excellent semi-telescopic carp rods are incredibly affordable. Quick tip recovery times and a lively fish-playing motion are basic features.

4. Shimano Aero X5 13ft Float rod

Shimano Aero X5 13ft Float rod

The Shimano Aero X5 13-foot Float is a very contemporary rod with a very conventional set of credentials that makes it ideal for both hard-fishing carp on commercial fisheries and waggler and stick-float work on flowing water. The rod has a very responsive line pick-up speed, is incredibly lightweight, and is well-balanced for effortless casting. Light line maggot and caster tactics are made possible by its cushioned action, and heavier pellet, sweetcorn, and meat float fishing setups are handled by the blank’s sufficient robustness. Additionally, it has a full-length EVA/cork handle and extremely light, stand-off Seaguide XOG anti-tangle rings.

5. Nytro Aryzon Method Feeder 12ft rod

Nytro Aryzon Method Feeder 12ft rod

This classy all-round almost classic old-school Nytron Aryzon 12ft Method Feeder rod is perfectly suited to casts of up to around 65m plus using any type of feeder up to  60gr in weight. Its eye-catching jet-black-coloured blank boasts plenty of big-fish playing power whilst retaining enough cushioned guile to be used when targeting bream and skimmers. Key build features include quality anodised guides, good-length cork and EVA handle, screw-down reel seat, and a seamless flat spot free through type of fish-playing action.

6. Daiwa Matchman 9ft Method Feeder rod

Daiwa Matchman 9ft Method Feeder rod

The pencil-thin blank, super-lightweight Daiwa Matchman 9-foot Method Feeder is an excellent value for the money and is perfect for taking on commercial fish of all sizes up close. The ideal rod for casting to the distant bank of snake lakes or underarming a small method feeder along the edge. It is constructed from high-quality carbon and equipped with cork and EVA Armlock handle, dependable down-locking DPS reel seat, and stainless steel ceramic lined guides—a lovely touch that is always appreciated.

7. Middy 5G 11ft Pellet Waggler rod

Middy 5G 11ft Pellet Waggler rod

a model with a fluid motion, liquid carbon technology, and an A-Nomic cork handle with EVA lower grip that is precisely balanced. While an extra carbon wrap above the handle helps to stiffen the lower end to boost power to net big-sized fish, the specifically built reel seat on the Middy 5G 11ft Pellet Waggler rod fits your hand perfectly to provide comfort during hours of continuous use. Ideal for capturing substantial amounts of fiercely battling fish and, more significantly, for the hectic, constant casting and retrieving of 4g to 10g pellet wagglers. It is quite affordable and has great performance.

8. Guru N-Gauge Specimen Twin Tip Duo 1.25lb rod

Guru N-Gauge Specimen Twin Tip Duo 1.25lb rod

This 12 foot dual tip model, which has a 1.25 lb test curve and is the lightest actioned of Guru’s N-Gauge Specimen rod collection, is incredibly adaptable and works well with any method, including float fishing for specimen roach, bream, tench, or bream. It has a separate top portion designed in the Avon style and a feeder section with two carbon quivertips to choose from. It is ideal for fishing large fish since it is made with a blend of carbons that creates a gentle top end that gradually builds into a powerful lower end.

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