A seasoned party boat based in Belmar, New Jersey, the Big Mohawk gives fishermen the opportunity to catch thrilling fish all year long. Their guided outings are designed to accommodate a range of skill levels, from experienced anglers to novices, and offer an opportunity to catch a diverse array of species.

Present Season: Heading Out to Catch Stripers

Present Season: Heading Out to Catch Stripers

The Striped Bass, or stripers, are the current target of the Big Mohawk. Renowned for their fierce battles and succulent flesh, these fish are much sought after by both commercial and recreational anglers. The striper season on the Big Mohawk normally lasts from November 1st through November 25th. It then recommences on February 26th and lasts until the end of February.

Travel Specifics: Set Out on Your Striper Journey

Striper Journey

The Big Mohawk leaves the dock at 6:00 AM and provides full-day striper fishing trips. If you want the boarding process to go well, they advise arriving before 5:30 AM. A safe and fun trip is guaranteed by their skilled staff, and those who would want to rent rods onboard wish to travel light.

Anticipations: Getting Ready for Triumph

It is imperative that you arrive equipped with the right gear in order to increase your chances of landing a striper. Here are some things to think about: Rod and reel: For best results, use a medium-heavy action rod (around 7-8 feet) with a reel that can handle braided line and larger weights. Line: Because of its strength and sensitivity, braided line in the test range of 30 to 50 pounds is advised. Lures: For stripers, jigs, plugs, and live bait like sand eels or bunker are all good options. Hooks: Because they encourage ethical fishing, stripers frequently use circle hooks. Clothes: Wear clothes that are suitable for the weather, taking into account the possibility of wind and spray. It’s imperative to wear supportive shoes with adequate traction.

Above and Beyond: Strategies and Tactics for Successful Striper

Strategies and Tactics for Successful Striper

The following advice can increase your chances of landing a striper, even if having the proper equipment is essential:

Follow the captain’s instructions: depending on the conditions at the time, he will advise you on the best techniques and locations.

Effectively troll: Keep your speed constant and change your depth to cover several water levels where stripers may be eating.

Aim for the bite zone: Stripers are generally drawn to regions with structure, baitfish presence, or variations in water temperature.

Battle the fish calmly: Strong runs are a characteristic of stripers. Landing fish successfully requires consistent pressure applied and allowing the fish to exhaust itself.

Towards the Future: A Year of Unique Catches

Towards the Future: A Year of Unique Catches

Although stripers are the main attraction right now, the Big Mohawk welcomes many different species all year long: 

The season for blackfish, which gives fishermen the opportunity to catch these bottom feeders, runs from April 1 through April 28. 

From May 17 to June 19, sea bass, which are prized for their enormous size and subtle flavor, take center stage. 

Summer offers the well-known fluke season, with an abundance of flatfish, from June 20 to September 20. 

October 1st–October 30th: Before the season ends for the year, sea bass fishing makes a brief reappearance. 

From November 1st to November 25th, stripers make their last seasonal appearance before blackfish retake the area.

Plan Your Travels: Getting a Place on the Big Mohawk

Getting a Place on the Big Mohawk

For their fishing trips, The Big Mohawk takes daily reservations, so you can easily organize your adventure.

Online booking: Go to the “Daily Fishing Reservations” section of the Big Mohawk website ( You can select your preferred date, verify the availability, and reserve your seat online here.

Walk-on Option: Walk-ons are also welcome at The Big Mohawk, though availability is not assured. If you go with this route, it’s imperative that you get to the pier early.

Extra Things to Think About

Licensing: Before your vacation, research fishing laws in New Jersey and get the required licenses.

your catch: For a surcharge, The Big Mohawk offers filleting services. If you’d like, you are welcome to bring your own cleaning supplies. Weather: Be ready for sudden changes in the weather, particularly when sailing broad waters.

You may ensure that your fishing excursion on the Jersey Shore is successful and unforgettable by paying attention to these pointers and keeping yourself updated about the Big Mohawk’s current specials and seasonal changes. Recall that the Big Mohawk offers a singular experience that is enhanced by the excitement of the capture, the companionship among passengers, and the stunning vistas of the ocean.


The Big Mohawk provides both seasoned and novice fishermen with an extensive and dependable platform. They’re a fantastic option for your next fishing excursion because of their knowledgeable staff, wide range of seasonal offers, and dedication to delivering a fun and safe experience. Thus, be ready for an exhilarating journey, load up on supplies, and cast a line with the Big Mohawk for an opportunity to capture some unforgettable fish all year long.

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